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The Roussin  Rams are used for the production of crossbred females from the major hill breeds,transmitting prolificacy and conformation to the ewe, enabling her to produce qualityprime lambs. The Roussin is now recognized as an outstanding ram to use on ewe lambs,because of the ease of lambing. Also the Organic Centre Wales at the University of Wales says," good in organic systems" The rams will work out of season, making them suitable for early lambing flocks. The Roussin Ewes, like the rams are hardy. They are prolific, lamb easily, producing strong lambs with a good birthcoat (pure or crossbred) with a tremendous will to live. The ewe's abundance of milk gives her lambs the best possible start and a good growth rate.
Purebred or crossbred Roussin carcases have good conformation and compete well with Other breeds and crosses. The majority of purebred lambs killing out at E's and U's, with a consistant fat cover of 2. Meeting modern butchery requirements.
Having been developed in a coastal area of high rainfall and strong winds, the Roussin can adapt to many conditions and management systems. Producing excellent results, Making the Roussin a true duel purpose breed.

General Information
Average prolificacy:   180% - 200%
Adult bodyweight of mature ram:   90 – 110kg
Adult bodyweight of mature ewe:   70 – 90kg
Average carcase weight:   19 – 20kg
Average DWG to 100 days:       0.35kg